I Just Wanna Double Up

Left work a few hours early today and am living the Friday dream on my sofa eating a Magnum and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.... this is the life eh? Apart from the rain, I wish all Fridays were like this lol! So in between episodes, I thought I take some standard girl selfies and show off the new necklaces I bought this week. My cross chain broke which I was gutted about so I bought two new chains to make up for it lol. I think necklaces look really cute when doubled up, I'm all for that extra bit of bling. I've already received so many compliments over them and I've only had them for like 2 days lol. The best things in life clearly come in pairs, lol.

So what are your plans this weekend? I have nothing in particular planned, which is nice for a change. Doing a little Zara shopping (or a lot, we shall see) tomorrow and then followed by the requisite Saturday night out and finished off with a perfectly lazy Sunday. Ah weekends, I love you. I'll try and prep some more outfit shots too over the weekend ready for next week cos it seems like a bit of time since I've done a good lot of them. Hope the weather holds out for it. Ok well back Keeks and Kokes I go. Ciao xo

*Title from "Girls" by  Kid Cudi