Instagram: No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard

Carelle - Insta 05 15

An Instagram update for those that can't see it on the app. Long overdue I feel but then I don't necessarily post a whole lot of different photos on my Instagram to my blog so you wouldn't be missing too much. These pictures basically sum up my life: food, fashion, living in London and more food. And weirdly mainly plenty of breakfast foods...but that is my favourite meal of the day so makes sense. 

So staying in line with my usual Insta posts, time to do a little reflection on my social media life as of late. I've adopted a bit of a slower pace with posting on all platforms recently; no one tells you how hard blogging is. It's very fun, don't get me wrong, and I love taking pretty pictures and being creative and sharing bits of my life. However, while it looks like fun and games, no one tells you how much time and energy it takes. From the planning and prepping, to the organizing and photography to the editing and writing, trying to keep a regular stream of new and interesting posts while having a full time job is exhausting. That's why sometimes I can get a little distracted by Instagram because it's quick and requires less effort than a full blog post and my site can suffer a bit as a result.

I started my blog idolizing Kenza Zouiten and Negin Mirsalehi, thinking I wanted a exciting life like what theirs appear to be like but lemme tell you, those girls must work for that money! It's really not as easy as it looks. I salute them for what they have accomplished because it does take real dedication. For me, I'm just gonna continue doing what I do as long as I enjoy it, knowing there will be times when I get into a creative flow and other times where I have writer's block. Mais c'est la vie bien sur! For those who blog too, what do you find the experience like and do you agree with some of my points? xo

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*Title from "The Scientist" by Coldplay