Changed The Game With That Digital Drop

Morning! Though it's Monday (boo!), I have some news that might give you a little distraction from the standard start of the working week blues. For those of you who remember my previous posts about this, the Feels app is now live!!! In fact it's been live for a few weeks but I've been a little slow at posting more pics and talking about it...whoops! For those of you that don't know, Feels is the first fashion modelling app that connects people and brands directly. It's so simple really, you post a picture of you in a cool outfit with some good lighting, tag what you wearing and then brands can scroll through the app, seeing the bits you've tagged them in and who knows, you might then be the new face of something and be "discovered". And others on the site can "feel" your look and then your look could trend, it's all very exciting. There are also casting calls on the app, so you can apply directly to brands such as Levi, Motel, Shaded, and lots more. Sounds fun right? You can get more details here, as well as how to download the app. Happy modelling! 

P.S. There will be a Beauty post later this evening so check back later ;D

P.P.S How amaze is the Feeling Myself video? I just wish I could superimpose myself in...looks so much fun haha.

*Title from "Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce