Colour Me In

Carelle - Prismologie
"Feeling good matters. Often all it takes is a colouring of perspective. From our enchanting spectrum of ingredients, we've developed a body care range that captures the effects of colour to uplift, enhance and inspire. Try the optimism of yellow. The passion of red. The harmony of green. The zen of indigo. The purity of white. The comfort of pink. We believe colour makes the world a brighter place. So live your life fully. Colourfully."

Man that's a good little transcript!! It comes neatly packaged inside the boxes of Prismologie products and I felt so inspired by it, I just had to include it with this post. I love it so much I might just make it my mantra. What a cool idea though? Using colour therapy as a marketing tool for beauty products - just genius! Why has no one thought of it before?! And while I know the evidence supporting the effects of colour on mood is inconclusive, I just have to look at that yellow bottle and I instantly feel happier. Yellow supposedly links to sunshine and should leave you feeling radiant and it clearly works on me but perhaps I'm just an easy target lol. Regardless, it's what's inside the bottle that really counts and let me just say, whatever they put in that shower gel is heavenly. Like actually taken out of the pools of heaven! Have you ever opened a shower gel before and actually made the noise "ummmmmm" really loudly, like a cheesy TV commercial? Well that is exactly what I did when I first tried the Yellow Day shower gel (and maybe even a couple of times after neighbours must think I'm enjoying shower time a little too much haha). I'm hooked! Sometimes throughout the day, I just give it a little sniff to cheer me kinda works too haha. Click here if you're interested in testing out the "ummmmm" effect too. 

Now unto the foot cream. Have you ever used foot cream? I never knew that you had to designate a specific cream to your feet. I've always just used standard Nivea when I'm moisturising my body and casually/randomly rub some arounds my pieds. But this has now opened my eyes (and my toes) to a whole new world of pampering. Of course my tootsies need love too, why have I not realised this before? The monthly pedi just isn't gonna cut it anymore, we need weekly foot massages (proven even better if you can get someone to do it for you haha). So the indigo range supposedly represents seeking awareness, looking within, being at one. Erm... I have no idea what that all means but what I do know is my feet have never felt better. Just put a little splash of these on your soles and I promise, you'll feel like Cinderella at the ball (if Cinderella got a foot massage from Prince Charming after all that blooming dancing - I would have much preferred that than him returning my stupid glass slipper that looks so painful anyway). Tempted? Try it here

P.S. I'm loving the life of a beauty blogger! Testing out all these products is so much fun and I'm actually really enjoying writing about them. But I just wanted to let you know that I'm genuinely giving my honest opinion. I think it's important that you know when I really like something and when something is meh. And this I REALLY like. Anyhoo, off to have some dinner quick before Made in Chelsea starts (yes I know, it's horrendous but I need to find out what happens with the "love triangles"...drama rama!!). Bye darrrhlings! xo


*Title from "Pigeons and Crumbs" by Natalie Imbruglia