One Woman Army

Carelle - Army

This has to be one of my fave outfits I've ever posted, definitely makes it into the top 3 category. It's such a simple look but everything just goes together so well. And it's a great play between being feminine but with tough edges. Just like me really haha! So I mentioned previously that I thought khaki items would be part of my summer wardrobe staples this season and I've really been feeling the military vibe recently. Lo and behold, FivePoundTee.Com kindly gifted me some very cool tees fitting that criteria. And I love them! Just the items that were missing from my wardrobe and I didn't even realize how much I needed them in my life until I got them lol.  Can't wait to show you the other tees I was gifted, they'll be up within a week.

I've always loved a good Tshirt and Five Pound Tees make such cool ones for cool prices. It's as easy as what it says on the tin. You've gotta love that! Simple and straight forward marketing and it's great that their message promotes individual expression.  Unfortunately, even though it's June and really should be summer time in London, it's not really looking like Tshirt weather today. Or even yesterday. Both days, I've still been wearing my winter coats to work :( Apparently it's supposed to get warmer towards the weekend and people are saying we are due a heat wave in the next few weeks but I won't hold my breath. The weather man always makes these promises and they never happen so I'm over it now. Can't wait to go on a little holiday sooooon! ;) Adios chicos! xo 



ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Glasses

FivePoundTee.Com Army Tee

Topshop Midi Skirt (similar here)

Topshop Bomber Jacket (similar here)

Zara Heels (similar here)

Celine Bag


*Title from "One Woman Army" by Porcelain Black