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Nifty little weekend outfit idea right here for you all. Even though it's become a little cooler in London recently, overalls have always felt summery to me so being June (though it still feels like March) and everything, it was time to bring them out of the cupboard. I forgot how easy they are to wear and super comfy to chill in. Tempted to get some short ones for my holiday to Spain in 2 weeks. And I know the stripe top and red lips combo has been done to death with overalls, but you know what they say.... "if it ain't broke...." haha. Anyway, I've never tried this look before but I really like it now. Super casual but still making a little statement. Though the overalls do look a tad baggy on me; seemingly I've lost weight since I last wore them a year ago but never mind, I can just pretend they are boyfriend style haha. 

How was your weekend? I had a really good couple of days. Friday was my "put on big girl pants and sort life out" day so I organised bills, banking, passport issues, hen party dramas, etc... Such a relief when all that gets sorted. Then I could chill over the weekend and see a whole mix of people special to me :D Though I've been eating so bad over this last week. Why is it that whenever I tell myself I have to eat well, I just binge on crap??!! But I'm going to Ibiza in 2 weeks so I need to seriously focus as there is always a lot of skinny bitches there over summer haha. Plus I bought a swimsuit one size too small so I'm hoping to fit into it by the end of the month. Miracles do happen right? Anyhoo, I shall munch on my final chocolate biscuit tonight with a cuppa and become a green machine from tomorrow. Wish me luck xo



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*Title from "Southern Hospitality" by Ludacris