Bring Me Sunshine

Yay, the sun seems to be popping it's head out from behind the clouds today...finally! It's felt so grey lately, not like summer at all. Some days I still wear coats and scarves out and it's June!! Anyway, wanted to show off two recent purchases that have joined my already crammed wardrobe life. I'm going bardot crazy this summer, bardot crops, bardot dresses, bardot long sleeves, bardot, bardot, bardot! I just think it looks really elegant but still young and sexy so I'm milking it lol. But I have to say, it is rather annoying having to adjust my bra every five seconds to stop my boobs looking like they've aged 100 years haha. And I've wanted those Adidas leggings for so long now!! They fit really well and I'm not one who likes to walk around in leggings with everything on show but these look cute (though looking back at the pics, it might be useful if I do some more squats as they really do bare all haha). I'm wearing a size 10 in the pic but I exchanged it for one size smaller because these things look better in a tighter fit.  Thinking perhaps I need some Adidas trainers to match ;)

Right now I'm in the office, bored stiff. I have so much work to get on with but it's my first day back after a few days off and I have zero motivation. The first day back is always the hardest. I almost felt like I had a mini panic attack coming into work today, there's just so much responsibility here which is normally great but on a day like today, I'm struggling a little. Light at the end of the tunnel is a 4 day break to Spain with Claire that I am so looking forward to!  Less than 2 weeks away and I can almost taste the Sangria. Hasta luego chicas! xo 



ASOS Long Sleeve Top

Adidas Leggings

Nike Air Max Trainers


*Title from "Bring Me Sunshine" by Morecambe and Wise

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