Peaches & Cream

If you suffer from dry skin you actually NEED this product! No one understands the pain of ashy elbows and knees as much as black people do haha. I'm not even being stereotypical because it's so true! The vast majority of us Africans and Caribbeans have the memories of being creamed with vaseline as children, our mothers professing that something that thick would keep our skin hydrated and stop us looking like we'd been playing around in soot. So when I tell you this product is good, you should believe me. It's like the vaseline but less greasy and actually smells good. Trust me, I know!  However, I would suggest applying more on at night because being so thick, it does take some time to soak in. But that can only mean that it is some seriously powerful stuff there! Interestingly, I'd never heard of Mary Kay products before (being an American brand and seeing as I live in London, it does kinda make sense right?) so I did a little research and you know what? I couldn't find one bad review. Like seriously? That's a little freaky! Everyone has been raving about it and it's making me a little suspicious. I mean, are they paying people or something? Maybe I'm just not used to finding a product that pleases everyone. Life surely isn't that easy, is it? Well tomorrow I shall take it into work and ask my team (who are a mix of ethnicities) to test it out and we will soon find out whether Mary Kay is too good to be true or simply good. So far, I'm leaning towards the latter :D See more here

Right, I should have posted this over an hour ago but I've been distracted by Made in Chelsea again haha. Don't judge me please. I'm gonna get back to that (a whole other uninterrupted hour awaits me!!), shower, lather up in my Mary Kay and get an early night. Bon nuit xo


*Title "Peaches and Cream" by 112