Brown Skin Woman

Carelle - Feiminn

Some pictures from my shoot with Feiminn a little back. Still have more to put up but we'll start with some of my favourites. To be fair, there are so many I like that I really struggled to condense the numbers down haha. I just like the style of the photography, it's very soft and simple. Very feminine and sensual. Plus the bra helps lol. While shooting, we discussed how complimentary the bra looks on different skin tones but also how the bra gives off such distinct vibes on those different skin tones. Individuality at its best! I also wore another bra in some other pictures, I'll upload them next week. 

Other than that, nothing too new to update you with. I'll be meeting Claire later this evening to attend a product event with Pure Pr which should be fun.  Haven't made a lot of exciting plans this week as I've been busy planning hen parties for my friend's wedding. It's such a big job but I love putting together events. Was saying to Carla on the phone yesterday that we should open up an event's company together because we both love hosting (we'll both be hosting one of the hen parties this summer) and we looooove organising! Why have I not thought about it before? Getting a bit fed up with the mental health sector so perfect time for a career change! Haha. Have a good day and I hope you have some sunshine where ever you are today. London is so lovely and bright, wish I could sneak off outside and sun bathe. Byeee xo   

"Title "Brown Skin Woman" by KRS One