Wishlist: Zara Body Curve Jeans & Jeggings

In last week's wishlist post, I mentioned I'd try and find some jeans that suit my curvier shape a bit better. Well I didn't have to search very hard this time as luck would have it I came across the Body Curve line in Zara over the weekend. I don't know if this is a new thing or not because in the past I've always struggled with bottoms from Zara. But I tried all 3 of these in store and the stretch in them help fit well around my derriere. And if I'm honest, I didn't notice any difference between the leggings and the jeans. Both fit well and feel like good quality jeans so I'd recommend these if you're looking for something day to day that fit a girl with a little more junk in the trunk! ;D

Btw, apologies this post is so late in the day. Today was super busy at work, there was no time to stop. I had to sit in a 3 hour meeting about business planning for our service .... snore! But I got such good comments from my peers and supervisors about my hard work, my presentation skills and democracy techniques so I did feel good after. Look Ma, I'm all grown up haha!! I'm back home now and determined to have an early night tonight, especially as my eyes have turned bloodshot! Looking a bit like a vampire right now. So I'm checking out for the evening. Dasvidaniya xo