I'm A Soldier

Carelle - Five Pound Tee

I haven't posed with my favourite brick wall in ages!! It's been so long, I forgot how much I like it! But I was quickly reminded by how well it fit the theme with my camo top. Well, if I'm honest I was concerned that the top wouldn't stand out properly against this brick wall but then again it is camouflage so correctly doing its job haha. Anyhoo, here I am wearing another lovely gift from Five Pound Tee, pretending to be a tough guy when really I'm a big cuddly bear haha! Don't get me wrong, I can bite for sure. I am a Leo after all so there is a little fighter in me. But more than anything, I love a good snuggle on my sofa with a larvely cuppa tea! Ahhh!

Hold up, I'm ruining my bad gal vibe! C'mon Elvira, think hard thoughts. It's tricky though because it's Sunday and I'm tired and I am in fact sitting on my sofa, drinking my much beloved tea and eating a rather large muffin (my skinny Ibiza body diet plan did not last long...2 days in fact!). All I want to do right now is eat a huge bowl of pasta, watch OITNB and take a nap. But I've got to soldier on and apply for my post grad degree tonight. I've been putting it off for much too long and it's time to take the application by the balls!! Plus, I need to prepare for tomorrow (Monday yuck!) and a rather busy week ahead. But I just need to toughen up for this week and then is hot sun and blue skies from next weekend in Espana! Ok, I'm checking out before I make any more excuses! Andale andale! xo



Five Pound Tee Tshirt

Dr. Denim Jeans

H&M Boots (available in store)

 Cap (Custom Made)

Givenchy Bag


*Title from "Soldier" by Eminem