Gold Dust

Carelle - Malin & Goetz

Wanna know the moment I realised my Malin & Goetz goodies were like gold dust? It was the second I brought them home, so chuffed I was gifted them from Pure Pr and then all too quickly, vultures swarmed me and tried to steal them from under my nose. Yup, vultures!! My brother and his girlfriend waltzed into my home and like a tornedo, tore my place apart trying to steal my face mask and candle. I had to fight like it was life and death to keep them. So, that's how I knew they were amazing, before I had even opened the boxes and tried them on. But once I did.... oh, the fun I had! The face mask is the coolest thing everr!! I had such a laugh playing around with lathering it up! It comes out as a cream but once applied to starts foaming and frothing, puffing up until you look like the Michelin Man hahaha! Winner of Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice Best of Beauty Awards (2008) Best Deep Cleansing Mask (...oh my that was a mouthful), this product boasts the ability to address signs of ageing, deep cleanse and purify, all the while creating a physical barrier to seal your skin's hydration. See, told dust!

Once all the playing around was done with, I washed my face and was pleasantly surprised with how refreshed I felt. It's odd that a little bit of light foam can leave you feeling squeaky clean. And you have the option of using it once or twice a week for a deep cleanse or trying a small amount daily as a wash to properly clear skin of dirt and makeup. Man, Malin & Goetz really have all bases covered!! Genuinely, I am so impressed. I wanna get everything Malin & Goetz and become their official groupie, I'm that impressed!! Please please please try it too, if only for the sheer glee I experienced laughing at my foam face ;)

Now after cleansing, there must always come the relaxation part...that's my motto at least. And I have just the thing to help you easily transition between the cleansing face phase to the relaxing phase: The Malin & Goetz 'Cannabis' candle.  Rather spicy, which I have to admit isn't usually the scent I go for. Normally, I'm much more of a vanilla, flowers and candy scent kinda gal. But let me tell you, I have gone over to the dark side! Light me up, I'm high! Haha. Simply put, this candle is addictive! Deb at Pure Pr assured me there are no drugs inside it but I have my doubts. I can't stop smelling it. But I'm too afraid to light it as I don't want it to run out. But I just wanna keep smelling it. This must be what it's like to be a dope fiend. Would it be weird it I turned up at a 12 step meeting being like "Hi my name is Elvira and I can't stop sniffing my cannabis candle"? Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that one just yet. Laugh at me all you want but you wait till you try it. It smells sinfully delightful, the perfect blend between sensuality and provocation. And oddly it kinda make me think of warm and cosy Christmas nights. So basically what I'm saying is it smells like sex at Christmas hahaha! OK I really must be high now. I better go have a lie down stat. In the meantime you can try it here but don't be afraid to try the others too. Took me near enough 15 mins to sniff through them all and try and decide which was my favourite. I think I'm gonna have to start collecting them. Let me know what you think xo  


*Title "Gold Dust" by DJ Fresh