Wishlist: Holiday Accessories

Today, I'm beginning to brainstorm some of the accessories I want to take with me on holiday this weekend. Accessories are the easier packing bit surely; the fun part to plan because they really make an outfit. I can be wearing the simplest pieces but a choker, boho tattoos or a septum totally change up the whole vibe of the outfit. Looking at these items, it's interesting to think that I wouldn't wear them at home as part of my London fashion per se (well maybe the choker) but I'm super excited to play around with them abroad. Playing dress up is my favourite activity and with these pieces I can be a retro 90s chick, a boho princess or a tribal warrior. It's gonna be so much fun!! But that's what a holiday is all about...you're not necessarily the same individual in the sense that you become the more care-free version of yourself. You can reinvent yourself, if you like; something I'm definitely looking forward to doing. People get up to all sorts of foolishness abroad that they would never dream of doing at home. So expect to see a whole variety of different Elviras when I post about my holiday upon my return ;)

Right now, I am embarking on a trip to the seaside with work. Not even travelled yet but already at the beach...see I told you I'm on proper holiday mode this week and I haven't even left the country yet haha. Then later, it's home to catch up on GoT with Claire. We are seriously behind and I have been avoiding social media like the plague incase I come across what's been going on. I don't take to that very well. A co-worker of mine accidentally mentioned to me that a main character dies in Season 4 (I won't say who incase some of you haven't seen it yet....see, thoughtful!) and we haven't spoken since! Don't mess with my TV shows!! Now you've been sternly warned, I shall love you and leave you. Adios xo