And The World's Alright With Me

Carelle - Summer in London

The weather is pretty pants today but it was so nice over the weekend (or at least nice for England - sunny but still a little breezy). On sunny days like that, everything seems so much better. On Sunday I spent the afternoon lazying in Hyde Park for a make shift picnic and was introduced to some new peeps. Then home for movie night with some hot dogs, grilled chicken and salad. Yum! On weekends like those, nothing seems wrong for that moment in time. With a sprinkling of sunshine, London seems the perfect place to explore and get lost in. Bliss!

Anyway, that was then. Today is back to work mode and I've been so busy..only just sat down now. Excited for tonight though because Claire and I are attending an event at Mahiki where we are hoping to win a week's trip to the Caribbean, all expenses paid! Did you know that there are people who make a living out of trying to find freebies? I only jsy found this out and am shocked! They know exactly how to work the system so they win free food, shopping sprees, cars, holidays, you name it!  I need to learn how to do that lol! For now, cross your fingers for me. Eek, I'd be so excited if we won!! Will let you know how it goes..I'm feeling lucky today :D xo 



Topshop Shirt

Zara Trousers

Levi's Jacket (Men's)

Topshop Sandals

Whistles Bag


*Title from "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers