Like Fresh Air For The Birth Of Your New Eyes

Carelle - 1001 Remedies
"Indulge yourself with products that respect your health and inner beauty on the long run for a sustainable well being".

Going through all these amazing beauty products is opening my eyes to a whole new way of looking at Health and Wellbeing; a whole new way of living, if you like. They should teach some of this stuff in schools, like seriously! I just can't believe the amount of products there are available to help revitalise our minds, spirits and bodies. None more important than this recent addition to my life: The 1001 Remedies PurAir Air Purifying Spray!! I live for this stuff! This isn't just about masking or breaking down bad smells (eat your heart out Fabreeze) or making the room smell goooooooood. It goes much much MUCH further than that. It's about cleansing and purifying the air....using essential oils and herbal remedies to actually combat pollution in your home! Can I get an amen in here?! Being a clean freak, I've never been happier. I oddly feel complete having added this product into my life. And wanna know what my initial thought was when I first started using this spray: my mother would be so proud! Haha! She is the ultimate clean freak so I know if she finds out I've got hold of this gem, it will most def be stolen quicker than you can say "stop thief"! She's a sneaky Nigerian woman so don't doubt. Anyway, I digress...basic gist: living in a big city is dirty! Like there is literally dirt in the air. Especially a humid London day, duuurrrrty! I could almost smell piss in the air the other day, yuck. But when I walk into my home and spray my magical 1001 Remedies bottle, I feel like I'm in a spa by the sea. That's what every house should smell like right?

Now, I've already spoken about the Treasure Oil in a previous post so I won't go into too much detail on it. What I would say is that I've been using it to work on those nasty stretch marks on my ass. God may have put them there (or Honest burgers, either or) but they don't seem like they'll hanging around for long if 1001 Remedies have anything to do with it. People that visit me at home (basically to scavenge over my freebies) have used it for dry skin on scalps and other areas of your body. It's like a nifty, little, miracle product that can be used everywhere and anywhere. You gotta love that versatility! 

And that's it! General idea of 1001 Remedies links aromatherapy and science together, basically like Health & Wellbeing for the new age. I don't know about you but I'm most definitely jumping on that band wagon! Much love xo 

*Title from "U Must Be" by Gina Rene