Wishlist: New Look Crop Tops

Last week, I had a few searches on here about crop tops and with my upcoming  holiday to Spain I thought what better time to explore some of the options the high street has to offer. With a little research, I found that New Look have some of my favourite selections of crops at very reasonable prices. Now for me, I have certain criteria for crop tops. They need to either be bright and attention grabbing or highlight my shoulders and collarbone area (that is one of the slimmest parts of me so I like to flaunt it haha). Also, I love a good patterned crop. Basically anything that's gonna stand out with a tan and/or accentuate my best bits lol. 

I def need a little online, window shopping pick me up today of all days because this morning I DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE TOILET! I can't believe it! 13 years of being a phone owner and I've always taken amazing care of my mobiles. I get so attached to them that I never even want to upgrade them. Well maybe this is the universe's way of telling me I need an upgrade desperately now haha! So after work I'll head out to the shops to see what deals there are out there. Any recommendations on what phone I should get? I'm such a tech dud so any help is soooo welcome  xo 

P.S. For those who read yesterday's post about Claire and I going to an event in hopes of winning a holiday to the Caribbean....we didn't win! We were gutted but made sure to get our money's worth in free mini burgers, rum cocktails and goody bags haha!