#SummerofMe - ME Ibiza (Day 1)

Carelle - Ibiza

Oh Ibiza, how I fell in love with you. I cannot rave enough about this island, I felt intoxicated by it. To be fair, when you're chilling in a 5* hotel free of charge, my feelings may have been a little biased haha. Ok let's start from landing at the airport and getting picked up by a white Range Rover, with water, hand towels and magazines on offer...you know, cos we are total celebs now lol! 

And then checking into our beautiful room where we were greeted by even more treats. 

Another round of quick unpacking (and girlish squeals at how lucky we are) and it was time for yet another amazing lunch by the pool.

I love seafood! And as it's plentiful in Spain, I was in heaven. Spanish food is one of my faves! I could really get used to this kind of life ;)

Now we are all full up, time to do a little exploring of the hotel's surroundings. Good idea to work off some of that lunch before baring all in our smiwsuits (I did not photograph how much bread, oil and balsamic vinegar I ate.... bloated belly anyone?). 

There's something so magical about this island, I can't quite put my finger on it but everyone talks about Ibiza having such a fantastic energy (and not because it is known as a party haven). I dunno, it's just very relaxed and free. And people are naked everywhere. I saw so many willies and hoohahs on this trip but it was kinda part of the charm of this place lol ;) 

Next, we spent some time trying to catch the last of the day's sunshine and then ventured upstairs for drinks at the rooftop pool party but more on that tomorrow. Adios xo