#SummerofMe - ME Ibiza Rooftop Party

Carelle - ME Ibiza

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.... yeah, not really. But on our first evening at the ME Ibiza, we got invited up to a party of the roof, so kinda the same thing haha. Let me tell you, the views from the top were superb:

The view at the bar was pretty good too ...especially as it was all comp ;)

Now to settle down on some beds while we sip our super chill cocktails before we engaged in plenty of awkward dancing/twirling to the beats from the rooftop DJ.

Just look at that incredible sunset and beautiful infinity pool. How amazing to be dancing the night away in such a gorgeous location. Seriously, that is the life!

Even more coming soon! Feeling like the holiday posts are starting to drag a bit and there is still a bit more to come. Hopefully will be all rounded up by the weekend and we can get back to outfit posts by next week. Besos xo