#SummerofMe - ME Ibiza (Last Day)

Carelle - Ibiza

I've definitely dragged these #SummerofMe posts out a little too long but we have finally reached the last day of the trip! Sigh of relief haha. For this, there is not much to say really. Anticlimax I know. We had an evening flight booked, which meant we could spend even more time lounging in the sun, lucky us! But being the explorers we are, we decided to go on a hike first thing in the morning and see some of the island by foot before another day of browning begun. No pictures to show because it was way to hot to be lugging around a big camera while panting uphill but it was a beautiful adventure for sure. Stunning views out to sea, awkward encounters with naked hippies and yoga poses atop of cliffs; the stuff of great stories, I tell ya! Standing at the top of the cliff, watching the waves come crashing in was a moment I'm glad I didn't have my camera with me to steal the focus from being in that moment. Might sound a little cheesy but it really took my breath away and I've tried to mentally store it in my memories to use as a sort a safe/happy place for meditation or something. I fell yet even more in love with the island, truly! 

Then on to the last of our breakfasts and final bits of sun tanning. Well I really just hid in the shade in fear of going too dark in complexion (my friends call me Blacky Chan when I get too tanned...racist I know but it comes place of affection but regardless, I always reply with "the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice" haha). I was still able to fashionably lounge by the pool in this beauty of a swimsuit from Asos and River Island cover up. They look cute together right? Wearing white with a tan is a must and seeing as it was my last day and I had done all the tanning I was going to do, it was the perfect time for an all white look to fully accentuate my glow!

Now to end: I have to rave about what a wonderful trip this was. Genuinely a once in a lifetime experience. I mean, who wins a trip like this? So crazy! A massive thanks to Claire for taking me along on her amazing free holiday and to the ME Hotels for their wonderful/out-of-this-world service. I cannot wait to go back for another visit soon but in the meantime I have 2 more short holidays planned for August. Ahhh, I'm excited! I've literally been daydreaming outfits all weekend haha. Back to my usual outfit posting next week so speak soon xo