Instadiary: In The Mediterranean Sea

Carelle - ME

Hellooo! Long time right? Just got back from Spain...well, that's a lie, I've been back for a few days but it seems to be taking me a while to re-engage with society. I've been stuck in my little Ibiza/Mallorca bubble and can't seem to drift back to reality just yet. Oh rather, I don't want to. I had such an amazing time. Like seriously, we were treated like superstars. It makes me just want to give up working 9 - 5 and become a full blown travel blogger! They have it going on lol. But alas, it's Sunday and I need to try and get my life together before work tomorrow. I have a stupid amount of laundry to tackle and a gazillion emails to respond to. But before that I'm gonna relive my holiday moments a little longer while looking over the photos with a nice cuppa. I have so many to share over the next weeks but today is just a quick check in with some Instagram photos. Lots more to come, don't worry. You'll be bored of all the photos by the end, I have that many. Anyhoo, wishing you a lovely Sunday and speak very soon. Much love xo  

*Title from "We're Going to Ibiza" by Vengaboys