She Looking Good With No Makeup (Makeup)

Carelle - Perricone MD

Here it is ladies, the holy grail of makeup: the No Makeup Makeup. I've spent hours over my makeup applying years trying to achieve the "I woke up like this" look. Because honestly, let's be real, no one wakes up like that. Even the girl that makes out that she woke up like that probably has tattoed makeup on haha (unless you really did wake up like that and then I just can't talk to you haha).  

Well,  I have a found a nice little antidote to our natural looking makeup problems that does all the hard work for us: Perricone MD's new makeup range.  Dr. Perricone prides himself on creating products focusing on effective anti-aging. He believes that the right products, as well a good diet can help us all age well (yep, he even has a 28 day diet plan on his website! I definitely wanna try it out). And now he has added a makeup range to his vision, which encompasses youthful skin enhancement with natural looking, translucent coverage. This is a makeup line that promotes healthy skincare as well as natural beauty. So before I went on holiday, the beauty gods gifted me with a rather large handful of products from this new line. I kinda felt the stars had aligned in my favour because it sounded like the perfect amount of coverage you want on holiday, where it includes SPF 30 and allows your tanned skin to glow. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pack it ... I'm a fashion blogger ok, there were just too many clothes I had to try and squeeze in my suitcase. However, upon my return from holiday, my first port of call was playing around with my new makeup goodies. So here's how it went: 


So the whole point of the foundation is that you don't need a lot to go a long way. And it stays true to its cause because the liquid texture blends on pretty smoothly. There are 2 shades: fair - light and light to medium. At first, I believed there to be a rather large flaw in this plan but was quickly reassured that the foundations could be mixed with a few drops of the bronzer for darker skin shades (see below). Phew, panic averted! Plus, the fact that it's slightly translucent means that it will easily adapt to most skin tones. I felt like I was back in science class while playing around with these very professional looking bottles haha:


How cute are these names btw? Anyhoo... So, when I first saw this at the event, I'll admit I was dubious. Particularly with the lipstick because when applied to my hand as an initial test, I felt it didn't really show up on me. Plus, I don't really like glossy lipsticks; I'm much more of a matte lips kinda gal. But again, my doubts were put to shame as 1) all I had to do was add a bit of the blush to my lips to darken the shade, making it stand out more and 2) the gloss of the lipstick is seemingly more moisturising than shiny and after about 10 mins was absorbed into my skin, leaving my lips looking supple and kissable. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by these two products and so impressed by the fun opportunity to personalise my desired shade.


Unfortunately, I struggled to get a good action shot of the No Mascara Mascara. It's harder than it seems, I promise. But I can tell you that yet again it was a pleasant surprise (there's a recurring theme here, I'm sure haha). Now, I have always used "Bad Gal" mascara from Benefit, staying loyal to it from my teenage years. I just have never been satisfied by other brands. Until now! Because of previous experiences, I have to admit that I approached trying the mascara rather cynically but was promptly put in my place. I like the way it lengthens and strengthens my eyelashes, giving them a touch of shade but still looking very natural. Simply accentuating what I've already got. Now I won't be using it everyday as I am well and truly devoted to my Benefit mascara but I think, for the first time in 10 years, I am willing to occasionally mix it up with a more natural eyelash look. And that's a big move for me!

Overall, I was really taken aback by how much I liked this makeup range. I am a girl that is very set in her makeup ways so it takes a lot to get me even remotely interested in new products. But I am smitten by this new line and now excited to try a more natural look over summer, especially with my newly attained tan that I love to show off rather than hide under layers of cake foundation. Want the same for yourselves, then have a browse here. You can see my end result below and don't I look like a happy little bunny? 

Carelle - Perricone MD

P.S. Here comes the disclaimer: while I loved my natural makeup look and am super keen to adopt it into my regime this summer, I have to admit that after I tried the foundation, I did feel the need to top up some spots on my face with a more heavy duty, thick MAC concealer. But I double promise, it was only one or two areas on my left cheek and forehead where I have pigmentation and acne scarring issues. I'm not used to such light coverage you see, and still needed a teeny bit of support covering up the darker patches. Other than that, I felt summer ready and glowing with a nearly au natural look ;) xo


*Title from "Good For Us" by Wiz Khalifa