#SummerofMe - ME Mallorca (Day 2)

This post was definitely meant to go up last week but sometimes life just gets in the way y'know. This is just a quick complication of pictures of our second day in Mallorca. Again it involved copious amounts of food, lots of heavy tanning, some exploring and most definitely ice cream on the beach! We also ventured out to Palma for dinner, where the food was great and the town was stunningly and typically Spanish. It's actually a shame the hotel wasn't situated in Palma because it really is so pretty. But then Magaluf is much more party focused so makes sense to be nearer to the hub of tourism.

Anyway that concludes our stay in Mallorca as the next day we made the quick (20 mins) airplane ride over to Ibittthha!!! I'll post all the photos from Ibiza this week (there is a ton) but before I end it with the Mallorca posts, I have to say how impressed I was with the staff at the ME Mallorca. They really went out of their way to accommodate all our needs, going above and beyond of what we expected. They were incredibly friendly and made the whole stay wonderful. We felt like celebs for sure, an experience I'll never forget xo