Sun-kissed Skin

Carelle - New Look Bardot

I miss my tan!!! Or rather my just-back-from-holiday glow! Need to get some more sun in my life asap. It must be so nice to live in a hot country, or at least one that has hot summers. London has been pretty miserable lately and almost feeling like autumn is on its way. Well apart from today and yesterday where we had intermittent sunny weather. Perfect for a day like today as friends and I climbed the 02...was such fun, highly recommended. Will try and put some pictures up soon. But let's back to envying my glow from last month. I always feel so much more confident with a fresh tan and happy to show off more skin/ wear less makeup. In these pics I have much less makeup than usual by wearing my No Makeup Makeup by Dr. Perricone, which I did a post on last month. A really perfect summer beauty look. Paired with my yet another bardot top (you know how much I love my bardot tops) and a vintage Levi's skirt that I dusted out the wardrobe from 10 years ago!!! I wasn't sure whether to keep the skirt or not but I thought I'd give it one more try as denim skirts (especially a line ones) have made a come back recently. I kinda like it for now at least. Then contrasting with some gladiator sandals and tortoise shell glasses, channelling a little boho vibe with some patter clashing. I think it's a cute look. Do you?

Anyhoo, I am running so behind schedule tonight right now so I must dash. Have to get ready to go for some drinks in Shoreditch with my uni friends and I haven't even had dinner, showered, straightened my hair or decided what to wear...and I need to leave my place in 30 mins. Yeh, like that's gonna happen, right!  I'm so tired too, after an action packed day that I'm so tempted to just be a slob on my sofa, eating popcorn and watching trashy Sat night TV. But I've been a hermit for so long, it's now time to re-enage with the world. Ok, I'm off now. Kisses xo



New Look Top

Levi's Skirt

Topshop Sandals

Asos Sunglasses (similar)

Michael Kors Belt

Céline Bag


*Title from "California Girls" by Katy Perry