All I Want For My Birthday...

I'm now 25 years old, whoop! So funny thinking back to 10 years ago when I thought that turning 25 years old was sooo old and I would be a proper adult then! Yeh ..ok! I mean, does this face look like an adult. I still feel like a teenager lol. But just because I'm mid 20s now doesn't mean I have to be serious all the time right? RIGHT?! My birthday phone call from my brother included talk of marriage, babies and mortgages...eek! Please don't make me adult; not just yet. I'm really not ready! Lol. 

But truthfully I'm really grateful to have turned 25 happy and healthy. I know I joke around a lot with all my friends about having a mid life crisis that I am getting old but in all seriousness I know how lucky I am to have turned 25 when there are so many others that missed out on that. You just have to watch the news to realise how precious our lives are and I'm blessed to have reached another year of my life safely. We've gotta remember it's an honour to grow older each year when so many people don't. 

Right, unto my birthday wishes. Unlike 2 Chainz, this year I don't want a big booty hoe but maybe next year haha (tho a big booty for myself would be well appreciated, I'll share more later). Now, I know you're not supposed to tell anyone your wishes otherwise they don't come true and so I won't share my number one wish. But I will share some goals I wanna accomplish being a big girl now. I initially was gonna set 25,  trying to be poetic or whatever but meh, that requires way too much thinking power and let's be honest, isn't realistic right now. So let's stick to 5 goals for this year:

  1. Learn Italian - I cannot believe that I still have not learned my native language!! It's super embarrassing, especially as Italian was my first language! But once we moved I forgot all about it and now I can say about 5 phrases. I NEED to up this asap. Any suggestions on classes I could take or online language courses that are good?
  2. Learn To Drive - Yup, I'm a 25 year old who cannot drive. I started learning while I was at university a couple of years ago, failed my test, moved to London and couldn't care less. But it's so important to have that skill under your belt, for work and just so it's done. This is the year!!! 
  3. Network - I mean this broadly in both personal and professional senses. I live in one of the coolest cities in the world but being such an introvert, I tend to keep to seeing people and places that I am comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I do love to challenge myself and try new things but it does take more energy to get myself out there. But I really wanna try and embrace this a little more, not get so nervous about saying yes to new opportunities and being open to putting myself out there.
  4. Exercise Regularly - Now I've got to be careful here because leaving this too broad will probably set this task up to fail. I just need to find a form of exercise that I enjoy doing and stick to it. Whether it be Zumba, rock climbing, running (yeh right!) or Netball...just something!! This needs to happen asap because my ass is getting flat with all this sitting around and now I'm 25, it's really not gonna get any perkier without some much needed help!
  5. Monetise A Personal Project - This is something I really really wanna do. Desperately in fact but I am just struggling to channel my energy into the right avenue. I just wanna create something that I can make money from, even if it's small. The current climate is rife with business opportunities and it's so great that our generation is starting to think about personal projects/companies/businesses again. I def wanna jump on that band wagon and the thought of having my own "baby" however small makes me so excited. The only problem is what. So this year I wanna figure that one out. Suggestions welcome!

OK, so that all seems achievable right? Nothing I can't handle I'm sure...well once I get off the sofa and cull my daily naps lol. In fact, I'm gonna get up right now and get outside asap. None of these goals are gonna be achieved while I sit here on my laptop. Wish me luck xo 

Carelle - 25

*Title from "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz  ft Kanye West