Wishlist: GAP Sweaters

At first glance, this wishlist might seem like a rather dull post but I assure you that sometimes it is necessary to start with the basics before you jump unto anything spicer. And with the weather in London seeming to cool slightly, I've already started fore planning my autumn/winter wear. What I'd really like to do over the next few weeks is a big post looking at the basics for winter fashion as it's a conversation that comes up time and time again with my friends. I'm a big believer in making sure your wardrobe has all the basics you need before being seduced by the more exciting fashion pieces. This is because what tends to happen is that you can't style these pieces properly without the basics and I particularly struggle with day to day fashion if I'm missing basic outfit items. OK, I think I've made my case lol.

So I've chosen to post about the basic woolen jumper today because I've been looking for a cosy black one for aaages (black always looks sophisticated and matches the colour of my soul so is a must in my wardrobe). I finally found a perfect one in GAP. They are such a good brand for the basics, I would suggest starting here with most pieces as they provide good quality at reasonable prices. I was also tempted by the cream jumper though decided against purchasing till payday (how am I broke again already??!). However the brown looked rather odd on me, kinda like I was homeless lol. I think that colour would be better suited to a blonde haired individual, paired with light boyfriend jeans. Very in the style of the Swedish blogger Victoria Törnegren. Love her style...it's effortless! Anyhoo, you can purchase them here. Over and out xo