I Said Yes To...

Carelle - Yes

Another late Monday beauty post coming your way; just a quick one to advocate for the Yes To brand. Again, I was gifted a couple of products from Pure Pr and while I had never tried Yes To personally, I had most certainly heard of them. Known to be a global, natural-beauty brand, Yes To pride themselves on making products from fruits and veg that are guiltless (e.g. reasonably priced) and free of harsh chemicals. Sounds good right? Now I'm no scientist, so I can't fully comment on whether or not these products do what their marketing team say they do. However, from the amount of rave reviews online (google for yourself), I hope I'm not being naive when I say they seem rather splendid. So here's my take:

  1. Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facewipes      - I use these everyday and I mean EVERYDAY. I feel like they've changed my life...ok maybe a little of an exaggeration but they've been part of a big change in my skincare, for sure. What I mean is that my skin is so much better since using these wipes instead of the Simple wipes I've had for years. The towelettes are thicker than any previous wipes I've owned but still gentle on sensitive skin and remain moist for ages (unlike cheaper brands that dry out 3 seconds after they've been removed from the packaging...so annoying). They don't sting my skin or burn my eyes (again an issue I've had with cheaper brands) and in all honesty, I think my skin has really improved whilst I've been testing it out. Well, it could be a combination of the fact that I've got a much better skin routine going on atm but others have felt similarly to me so the wipes have surely got to be a contributing factor! Ones of final fave things about this product is that the wipes are biodegradable - so you can be good to the environment and good to your skin all in one go. Amazing! Quick word to the wise: though this product does advertise the fact that you do not need to rinse after using, I must drill into you all that you should always wash your face properly when removing makeup. Wipes cannot act as a substitute for proper cleansing! I use mine to help take off most of my makeup, as I wear quite thick foundation (Mac Studio Fix) and then I pre cleanse, cleanse, serum and moisturise! I can't emphasise this enough; for good skincare, you must, YOU MUST properly wash dirt/makeup off your face. For those of you that don't do so but still have good skin....I hate you!  
  2. Yes To Coconut Polishing Body Scrub            - I'll be honest here, I've only tried and tested this once (as seen above) but that one experience was pretty nice, I'm not gonna lie. I applied the scrub to dry skin (DO NOT put on wet skin as the granules will disintegrate rather quickly, turning from a scrub to a body wash before your very eyes), gave it a good rub-a-dub-dub and rinsed off. Voila, skin felt smoother, looked glossier and smelt divine (and that's a lot coming from me as I don't really like coconuts that much). The reason I've shied away from this product is two fold: First, I'm scared of scrubbing off my tan (must stay brown-er for as long as possible) and secondly, it's supposed to be great for exfoliating dry skin but as I moisturise top-to-toe everyday, I haven't needed to "deflake" as such right now. I imagine it will be a god send in the winter when combatting dry skin is inevitable.  

And that's all folks!! ... Wait one more thing, they don't test on animals!! If that does not convince, I don't know what will. These face wipes are worth the investment, seriously. I know they cost a bit more than the standard boots wipe but as a person who has tried so many wipes for facial skincare (yes, even baby wipes), these are the best I've tried so far. Remember to cleanse and rinse after. Goodnight loves xo 

*Title from "Yes" by Beyonce