Wishlist: Buckle Boots

I've been looking for good buckle ankle boots for over a year now. I just want a good quality leather pair, that look stylish but are still comfortable enough to walk around all day in, sleek enough to make my legs look long but loose enough so that my ankles don't turn into cankles aaand just feel good man. I mean, is that so hard? Is it? IS IT? Well, seemingly it is as I am yet to find a pair that I am happy with. I've spent all day (on and off, but all day sounds more dramatic) putting energy in searching what's available in cyber land and while there are numerous options, I've whittled down four I feel are worth my time. These include a £600 pair of Alexander Mcqueen boots (bottom right) cos yeh Elvira, you might have all the time in the world for them....but no monies!! Haha. Interesting range of prices as the other 3 boots are under £40 lol. So do you have a favourite? Need your advice as I'm keen to get prepared for winter fashion asap. I know it's still Aug but it's raining outside and I'm under a blanket, drinking tea at home right now so I don't think I'm far off. Let me know what you think xo