Even Though I'm A Professional I Like To Do My Work At Home

Hello hello! So rainy days like today in London call for an outfit post from home. I received this cute little number from a Mancunian brand called Luxemme last week. It's so nice when brands approach you to collaborate and gift some of their items. And I still get just as excited now as I did the first time a brand ever sent me a product. It's such a great way to be exposed to new, upcoming fashion lines, which I might never have seen otherwise and I love this "Alayna" floral two piece I was sent. It's got me feeling all levels of cute so thanks to Luxemme for hooking me up. Wish I could have showcased it properly but the weather has not been looking good lately (apart from Saturday when there was a random heatwave but I was drunk on a rooftop somewhere in East for the most part so no definitely no chance of photo ops lol). Doesn't matter as I'm heading to Barca this weekend and bringing this little number with me so I'm sure there'll be many a chance to take some pics on holiday. Literally can't wait to see a beach again, come at me Spain! More soon xo  

Title from "Cabaret" by Justin Timberlake