Wishlist: Missguided Bikinis

Urgh, I've been sick at home all day! It's that annoying kind of cold that only comes when your super tired and makes you even more tired. So I have just been napping for most of the day but managed to spare 2 hours to watch Lee Daniel's The Butler, which I cried all the way through. I kid you not, like a baby! I had to pause at one point to have a proper sob haha! I actually feel a bit better after all that crying because I don't think my body can produce any more snot (TMI I know!). Anyway, now visualising my trip to Barcelona at the end of the month and planning for some new bikinis! Woo!! I've wanted these ones from Missguided for a while now and what better place to flaunt new, sexy swimwear than in Barcalona! Literally so excited! Which is your fave? xo