Something Good To Celebrate

Carelle - New Look Bardot

Yet another bardot top! I've accumulated quite a collection now. And my mum bought me an extra one the other day for my birthday, you know, just in case I run out lol. But they are so cute for summer and on a gloriously sunny day like today, they make for an easy and stylish look. I've clashed the blue of this outfit with my new red/orange Celine, another one of my summer staples (but harder to style than I realised). And my naturally curly hair has made another appearance, of which I particularly like wearing with bardot tops to add to that gypsy feel. And it means I get ready much quicker because my hair takes foreveeeer to style. 

Anyhoo, enough of that now. More important news to talk about is that today is my last day of being 24 eek! Tomorrow I shall officially be mid 20s. Seriously, wtf?!  I swear I was 15, blinked and now I'm 25. Wow! Anyway, to celebrate the last of being 24, some friends and I are gonna give indoor rock climbing a try. Silly really because of my crippling fear of heights but if there was ever a day to do something silly and out of my comfort zone, today is the day; before my bones turn brittle as I become an old woman haha. I'll see if I can try and take some photos as I imagine it's gonna be a rather comical event. Ciao xo



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*Title from "Birthday" by Katy Perry