Goodbye Summer 2015

As much as I might pretend otherwise, it seems summer is well and truly over now and the winter winds are coming in. But before I move on, I wanted to take some time to say goodbye properly to my summer 2015 by looking back and sharing some photos from my iPhone. Some are on my Instagram but most are unseen. The pictures look so fun right..missing all my travels already. I didn't manage a big holiday this year, just a couple of short breaks but still very fun. A free holiday to Mallorca and Ibiza with Me by Melia, my first holiday with my boyfriend to Barcelona and a quick visit to Treviso (where my family are from in Italy) for some family events. I've also tried some new places in London from spending more time in East and visiting the man made beach in Ruislip (yeh there's a beach in London...random!) to my first time round Hampton Court. I finally cut my hair (it's been over a year, looks so much better now), acted a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding and have put on weight from all the new yummy joints I've tried around the city (I should log these cos there are so many banging). There has been even more fab activities over the summer but as I don't have the pictures of them to prompt me I can't list them right now.  

And with that, it's time to pack away the summer wear and start organizing my autumn outfits.  I'm looking forward to getting rid of a lot of old clothes and preparing for pay day when I can do a shop for the changing season. I popped into Zara over the weekend and their AW collection is heavenly so that's where all my money will be going in a week haha. Looking forward to shooting more winter wear too. For some reason, I wasn't too inspired by outfits over seemed my blog turned into more of a wanderlust advert than a style blog but I'm excited to refocus it with the colder weather. 

One final note, you have probably noticed that I have included some Snapchat photos with the pics above. You are more than welcome to follow me on 'stellav2k'...if I'm completely honest, I don't post that regularly but seeing as all the bloggers are plugging it, I might as well join the bandwagon. And with that, it's goodbye summer and hello rainy autumn. Speak soon xo