September 2014 Throwback

Blogged about this Missguided outfit this time last year. The weather clearly was warmer last September cos I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear this now. It's become so cold lately, I have so many layers on today! What do you think about the colour of the two piece? I don't have plenty of pink in my wardrobe, (well I don't have much colour in general in my wardrobe) only owning just one or two pink items of which I usually pair with leather. Pink and leather go together so well, don't you agree? Anyhoo, just a little style throwback for you. You can read my original post here.  

P.S. Fun fact: the bottom photo has been reblogged over 400 times on Tumblr. My tummy slightly looked more toned then. Really need to start exercising again. Or rather, I need to employ someone to follow me around all day, knocking the unhealthy foods out of my hand. I blame being in a new relationship, we just LOVE to eat together haha xo