Spotlight: B A N D A N A S

From cowboys, to pirates,  rockstars to rapstars, the bandana has been a style staple for many people over many years. Probably longer than anyone even realizes. For me, it will always be associated with the 90s, where I grew up in the era of Aaliyah and a more urban Jlo and Mariah. Back then, I was more aware of the bandana being worn mostly as a hair accessory but with its recent resurgence in the fashion spotlight, it's great to see how versatile this small and inexpensive item can be. I use it as a means to create a teeny bit of drama to casual ensemble and have collated a collage of pictures as inspiration of the variety of ways this simple accessory can help to make a styled look. There are so many great and creative ideas. Can't wait to try them out for myself xo