The Shit Is Ban(d)anas

I tried out a new look the other day and then of course I had to take some silly/crazy photos. I've always loved wearing bandanas. I remember starting to wear them as far back as 8 or 9 years old, back when I thought I was a gangsta rapper and wore my bandana around my forehead with the tip covering one eye. That's hot look haha! This time round, I'm loving wearing the bandana around my neck. I think it looks rather sophisticated but while my boyfriend agrees, some friends suggested I look like a country farmer haha. I actually think it's a more street take on a classy look, like a modern twist on a neck scarf. Either way, I like how it looks but I think I need some darker colours for winter. Maybe a black one would  look less farmer? Or a navy? Ouuu or even a dark green! I'm getting excited now!

Also, I'm debuting my shorter hair..what dyu think? So happy to have it chopped. Took off about 4 inches so you might not necessarily notice much of a difference but it looks so much healthier now. I'm kind of tempted to go even shorter next month and maybe dye it. I've had the same hair style for 10 years now so maybe time for a change. Any suggestions? xo


*Title from "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani