Wishlist: H&M Homeware

Pay day has come and you wanna know the first thing I bought....homeware! Is that a sign I'm getting old?! I love decorating and redecorating my place, moving things around, feng shui, wardrobe cleansing...I really don't do it enough. I think the changing season has got me in  nesting mood right now because I'm going through my wardrobes & drawers, getting rid of things I've hoarded over the years and fantasising about how I could make my home look more like a Pinterest board haha. Well, I popped into H&M the other day, hunting for a birthday present, and lost myself in their current collection. Screw clothes, I'm ready to spend my money here! But I've got to be realistic so while I whittle down my extremely long "To Buy" list, I compiled a few of the things that have already caught my eye! 

Flower scented candles (you can never have too many - my home is a serious fire hazard though if there's ever a black out, I'm prepared!), spotty tea cups, knitted blankets to fight off winter chills, pastel towels, random glass jars, unnecessary wooden boxes, oddly shaped ornaments...I want it all! I've already taken Friday afternoon off work to attend to these cravings. I'm sure it's gonna be a long week so might as well start planning how I'll be treating myself ;) Cheerio! xo