The Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Carelle - Crochet

Well hello there! Long time no post, I know. Apparently I decided to take a 2 week hiatus from my blog but when you got nothing to post you got nothing to post. Plus life has been quite busy recently, always just getting in the way right haha? So what have you missed? Let's see, it's all a bit of a blur now but the 2 major things that took up most of time over these last 2 weeks have been my friend's wedding and my holiday with my boyfriend. 

So let's quickly touch on the wedding. It was just lovely. My close friend from university got married at the end of August to her childhood sweetheart (they literally grew up together, almost destined to be together from day 1 of their lives as their families have been friends for years - that's what fairytales are made of) and I was honoured to be part of their day. I was one of 3 bridesmaids on the day and shook like a leaf walking down the aisle, not because I was nervous but because I was trying to stop myself from crying. But once I caught the groom's eye and he whispered that I looked beautiful, I blubbered like a baby through most of the ceremony haha. I was at my peak of crying the moment the bride walked down the aisle with her father. Oh what a stunning bride she was and what an incredible wedding they put together. I have no pictures to share because I think their special day belongs to them and doesn't need to be thrown across the internet unnecessarily. Regardless, I wish them a lifetime of happiness, laughs and love and I couldn't think of two people better matched in the whole world. Kisses to you both, Jodie and Nathan xoxoxoxo 

Ok next unto my holiday with my boyfriend. It was our first holiday together (my first one on my own with a boyfriend e.g. no friends or family) and we had a wonderful time in Barcelona. It took ages for us to pick where we wanted to go and after much MUCH debating and back and forth we whittled it down to Lisbon (his choice) or Barca (my choice). Obviously I won lol. Barcelona is such a cool city and I'm looking forward to sharing photos from our trip this week. But first I wanted to show off this rather cute crochet bikini I found on Ebay. Just a simple bikini but looks so cute on and I only paid £7!! Sometimes buying off Ebay can be a risk but it paid off in this instance. I loved it! This bikini was one size fits all and I soon realised that one size fits all will fit all differently as at first it seemed that those teeny bottoms would never got round my rather rotund African derriere.  However, after some readjusting, they just managed to cover the necessary bits (though I looked like I was rocking a Brazilian Baywatch look). Not a problem as people put a lot more on show in Spain. It was first time going topless on the beach too..sorry no pictures to share ;) . 

Right, that's all for now. Come back tomorrow to check out the first part of my Barca post. Have a good Monday ya'll xo 

Carelle - Barca