Barcelona Part 1 - Que Pasa Barca!

Oh Barcelona, I miss you already! It was such a lovely little break over the bank holiday and we were super lucky to have wonderful weather, I must say. Alright here goes, let's talk all things Catalan! So we were both exhausted by the time we got to Barcelona. I had my friend's wedding to prep for all week leading up to our trip and then the actual ceremony the day before we travelled so I didn't get home till midnight and our taxi was booked to leave at 3am....and I hadn't finished packing. Neither had Rémi. Match made in heaven aren't we?! Haha. So the first 2 days were really just about relaxing, especially as I caught a cold that emerged on the first day in Barca and found 2 new grey hairs on my head. Oh oh! So I was not about to stress myself trying to do all the touristy stuff and party the night away. No no, I the pool, on the beach, in taxis, at restaurants haha everywhere!!! But I did manage to take some pictures in amongst all the sleeping. A quick note, I decided not to post anything on blog or Instagram while out there so I could focus on enjoying my holiday with my boyfriend. It was our first one after all but hopefully we'll have many more to come that I can ruin with social media ;) 

Ok so the set of photos below are from the rooftop of the hotel we stayed in: Hotel Dequesa de Cordona. A lovely little boutique-esqe hotel by the marina and a 10 minute walk to the beach. It was cute inside but we picked it mainly for the great location, being 5 mins away from Las Ramblas. And with a small pool and bar upstairs, we were very happy indeed. We spent several evenings up there, drinking cocktails, chatting under the stars (cheese), napping (standard) and making new friends. 

Barcelona has such beautiful architecture. The city feels like it breathes art and culture! 

Now venturing to the beach, there so many yummy restaurants to eat in. Spanish food tastes great everywhere you go so giving my recommendations seems almost silly but I shall share them regardless. On the first day we had copious amount of tapas and sangria on the edge of the beach in Barceloneta at a small Spanish shack called Colombo. It was lovely to sit in the sun and stuff our faces on manchego cheese, Iberian ham, croquettas con jamon y queso, Spanish omelette and calamari. We had the works!! I think there's a photo on Instagram if you need proof. Then another great spot, and Rémi's favourite in fact, was a place by the beach in Barceloneta. It's just underneath the W Hotel, called Pez Vela and funnily enough it had a very similar layout style to Pez Playa restaurant in Mallorca (when I travelled there as part of the #SummerofMe holiday). The food is heavenly, I mean..I could have eaten a bucket of calamari. Believe me, Rémi tried! 

Once fed, you can drag your replete self a few metres along to the beach and lounge away to your hearts content. But don't risk falling asleep as pickpockets are rife in the city...eek!

Aw, look how cute Rémi is! For those who asked, there you have it, a little picture of the two of us. We've known each other for 6 months now so established a good foundation to our relationship before taking this trip. As such, we got on so well on the holiday...all smooth sailing and blue skies for us :D . Well, until he tried to rush my taking a good picture of my yummy ice cream so I shoved it in his face. He wasn't too annoyed as it tasted really good haha. 

Finally, you HAVE TO TRY Makamaka burgers! It changed our lives. Well their Maka burger changed mine (bacon, cheese and sweet pepper burger) while Rémi craved those garlic and parmesan fries. Delish! We loved it so much that we nearly made a pit stop on the way to the airport to grab a snack for the road hahaha. They too are located in Barceloneta, next to Colombo on the edge of the entrance to the beach. You can't miss it, looks very hip and trendy and alway so busy! 

And finito bambino, part one is done! It was mostly food shots to be fair but I do love a good lunch picture, don't you? Tomorrow, we are talking Gaudí! It was breath-taking. More then, adios! xo