Barcelona Part 2 - The Gaudí Experience

And now let's look at one of the main attractions of Barcelona: Gaudi's architecture. Antoni Gaudi was a famous Catalan architect from the late 19th century, renowned for ahead of his time creativity and immense attention to detail in his work, most of which are scattered around Barca.  I was simply blown away, we both were. Everyone that visits his sites are. His creations are whimsical, magical, breath-taking, heavenly and more. I wish I had more time to take it all in, as I feel we only touched the surface of his work in the town. The day we visited Park Guell, it was scorching, so we struggled to walk around too long in the sun. We were actually giggling upon entering the park because we saw a grown woman crying about being too hot and fed up. We thought "oh she is just being silly, man up!" but after 20 mins of that open heat, I was not far off a similar feeling. We still managed to enjoy the beauty of the park and of course took the obligatory touristy photos, overlooking the rest of Barcelona.  

Just look at the detailing! Incredible! Those little houses remind me of the houses in the story Hansel & Gretel, I was almost tempted to pick a bit off and eat it. 

In among his passion for intricate detail (those mosaic tiles are breath-taking), Gaudi was very interested in and influenced by his natural environment. You can see this in the photos below (another section of the park) where the pillars almost look like tree trunks coming out the ground. A very interesting contrast to the front of the park right? (look at me chatting like I know a thing about art haha). 

Both Remi and I were so impressed by the beauty of Park Guell and left feeling a little more cultured. Plus we were glad to actually have done some sightseeing after 2 days of just lounging around by the beach. 

Next day was even better. We were so excited to visit the Sagrada Familia from the moment we got to the city because well firstly, you cannot miss it, it's huuuge! And secondly, this basilica is one of Gaudi's most famous pieces of work! And you can see why! I mean, OH MY GOD! 

The detail outside is just beyond this world.

And wait till you see the inside....

I have never seen anything so impressive! Wow! And again, you can see more of Gaudi's passion for nature, whereby the inside is suggested to represent the intricacies of pillars acting as trees (or vice versa). Truly genius! Even more amazingly, this building was started in the late 19th Century but is still being constructed today with a heap of time till to go before its completion. So while it is a functioning place of worship, you can hear drilling and building works going on outside and inside the building. It's actually a really interesting experience. We really should have paid for the audio option to learn a bit more of history behind this structure (my brother's girlfriend did and said she was so touched that she cried) but again being our last day we were pressed for time. Regardless, the little time we spent in there left an imprint on us. So much so that we left debating about religion, God and man's relationship to the heavens. 

Finally, there are a couple of houses scattered across Barca that Gaudi designed e.g. Casa Batllo below. Again, notice the expression of the natural, whereby the balconies look like skulls and the pillars look like bones. This was designed as an upmarket home for a wealthy aristocrat. Would you like this as your house? Unfortunately, we didn't manage to go inside the house, only snapping a few photos on the way back to the hotel to pack but again but I've heard the inside showcases Gaudi's talent for intricate detailing. Next time I visit, I must go in!

And that's it! The end of our Barcelona trip. Looking back at the pics, I really wanna go back and soon! In the meantime, I've booked another short trip away! I've clearly caught the travel bug. But more on that later. Hasta la vista! xo