I Want That Sugar Sweet

Carelle - Pink

It's time for the first outfit of 2016! Although it's quite clear that I did not take these shots this month as it's waaaaay too cold right now to just be in a denim jacket. I took these before I travelled when it was so mild that a light jacket is all you needed...I miss those days already!

Anyway, what I really wanna talk about is my new found love of all things pink! I think I mentioned it before Christmas but it has deepened over the holidays. And while everyone was looking for gold or red outfits for the festive season, I was trolling the internet for pretty pink pieces. It's actually comical because I remember doing a post last year around Valentine's about how I'm not really into pink that much. Well a lot can change in a year lol! To be fair it's just a touch of pink in this outfit, I haven't gone OTT. But it's just the right amount of pink and fluff to contrast with my rather grungy look. Do you agree?

I think next week I'll do a wishlist post with all the pink outfits I want for this new year! There's so many I need to try and keep track lol. Anyhoo, have a good day people. The weekend is here and it's actually sunny (albeit freezing) so I'm happy. More soon. Much love xo


Levi Jacket (similar)

GAP Shirt

Cheap Monday Jeans (similar)

Topshop Bag (similar style or color)

Aldo Boots


*Title from "Sugar" by Maroon 5