Christian Louboutin Lipsticks

Carelle - Christian Louboutin

Hi guys! Happy Monday! So I really need to get back on top of these start of the week beauty posts. I have so many different beauty products that I get sent often and they've just been sitting in their boxes for weeks. But over the weekend I made it my mission to start experimenting with them all. I mean, it's not exactly hard work is it? I'm already excited to share my new favourite products but I need more time to really see what benefits, if any, each product offers. So for today I just wanted to share some pictures of my lovely Christmas present from my sister. I'm very lucky to have such a generous sister (for those who've followed me for a little while you'll know that my sister is the one who very kindly presents me with the more pricey gifts e.g. the ones I can't afford haha). What a cool idea these lipsticks are...I didn't even know Louboutin did lipsticks. Shows you how out of the beauty loop I am haha.

As far as a review, I can't really give one as I haven't yet tried them yet. I'm too scared to touch them. But they look so pretty so I had to share. When I finally stop being a baby and test them out I'll be sure to include to let you know haha. If you're interested in browsing their range have a look here. In the meantime, have a good day everyone. Kisses xo