Dubai Snapshots: Christmas 2015

Carelle - Dubai 2015

Jumping back to the Christmas holidays briefly now so I can share some snapshots of our holiday away. The week before Christmas, Remi and I flew to Dubai to meet my family (who had flown in from Nigeria) for our annual family holiday. My mother makes such a point of trying to get us all to get away together at least once a year and though it gets trickier to pin us all down as we get older and busier, it's the best when it happens because we create the most wonderful memories together. And this time I got to bring my boyfriend along, which made it even more special. Dubai was a great choice of location as well, where you get a mixture of city and beach so kudos to my mother for organising it all. However, I do warn that it is still their winter over the Christmas holidays so while there is sun in the afternoon, it can get chillier in the evenings therefore I always make sure to pack both bikinis and jumpers. I've had so many people ask about the weather so I thought it best to mention. 

Now, I wish I had some exciting and mysterious tales to tell from this holiday but really all I did was relax. No safari in the deserts, no sky diving over the Palm Jumeirah, no Arabian night debauchery ... just lazy days at the beach and late night dinners as a family. Though looking back it seems a shame we didn't get to do more, at the time it was just what I need - the chance to relax and recover (I was sick for the first couple of days). So with that in mind, I must inform you that I didn't take many photos on my proper camera but my Galaxy S6 worked just fine (with some help from VSCO Cam). So here you have it, a selection of photos from our little getaway (no family photos unfortunately so as to respect their privacy, especially of all the little ones). More tomorrow xo