Snapchat: NYE 2015

I may not have any photos from the actual night but this was what I was planning to wear for NYE before my boyfriend suggested we go casual haha (I posted them on my personal Snapchat: stellav2k). I panicked shopped the day before as well, looking for a nice little number for the party, but ended up wearing a black mesh t-shirt and disco pants (I'll try and recreate the look soon). So, I'll have to save this little number for another fancy night.

Btw I've become obsessed with Club L dresses now. I had never heard of them before and because the prices are quite low, I was dubious about how they would look. But they actually look great, I was so impressed! I've already bought 3 dresses from Asos and can't help searching for more. I'm making a conscious effort to dress a little more feminine this year as I do have the tendency to go more for comfort. So I'm super happy with this dress; sexy and pink..surely as feminine as it gets haha. Pink is definitely my colour for this season. You'll see more of it in my outfits in upcoming fashion posts. Plus check out the pom pom sandals! How cute! And only £17! Looking forward to taking this look out for a proper spin around town. I will of course show you when I do. Goodnight xo  



Club L Dress

Truffle Heels