I Won't Camouflage

Carelle - Military

Flash back Friday time! So, just before Christmas (which feels like a million years ago now), I managed to squeeze in another shoot with Vitae Photography again. I really like their style of photography. These photos came out gritty and moody, which is a nice change from my usual clean cut photos. It's always good to switch things up and try new and interesting things. Plus, it gave me the chance to shoot my new camouflage jacket from Urban Outfitters. You might remember that I've talked about having one for so long so I'm pleased I finally was able to show you what I mean. However, it's a little too cold to wear the jacket atm so it's being confined to the wardrobe for the time being. Boo! Hopefully the weather will warm up again soon and I can start wearing all the lovely things in my cupboard again instead of wearing every layer I have, looking like professor Klump most days haha. 

Anyway I better dash, lots to do and so little time to do it in. Usual life drama lol. Have a great weekend all and speak soon xo 


Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal Jacket

Zara Turtleneck (similar)

Cheap Monday Jeans (similar)

H&M Boots (similar)

Saint Laurent Bag


*Title from "Camouflage" by Brandy