Spotlight: H A I R S T R O B I N G

I'm getting bored with my hairstyle and think I need to switch it up soon. I did initially think I'd like a drastic chop and go short since that's all the rave at the minute but my hair is so curly that I worry going too short will give me a teeny afro. I love afros but I really do not think I would suit it plus the maintainence will be intense. I'm all about the lazy life so might not be the best option. Now I'm thinking to try strobing, which is basically like balayage or dip dye style but much more subtle. Back in my day they called that highlights but whatever, I'll use the new lingo lol. Or I could go all the way and dip dye blue tips a la Rihanna. That's really in as well. I think I need a chat with my hairdresser soon but what do you think? Lighter, shorter or bluer? I just do not want to end up ginger, like I did when I first tried highlights at 15..wasn't cute haha. Will ponder further and day dream with some of these pictures as inspo. Ciao for now xo