Miracle Gardens, Dubai

Carelle - Miracle Gardens

Final post from Dubai is in the prettiest of settings, I must say. So while the plan was to be super lazy on holiday, I did muster up some energy to visit the Miracle Gardens and man am I glad I did. It was a floral heaven, with towers upon towers of flowers, stacked on well known structures from around the globe e.g. Eiffel Tower. Well it was a heaven for me. Unfortunately not so much for Remi (who I dragged along of course) as he suffers from hay fever, so 10 minutes spent strolling around this picturesque setting turned Remi into a spluttering mess. Thus, I was only able to see all the pretty displays briefly but with the crazy amount of people present, I was happy to escape the crowd. Word to the wise, do not venture there on a weekend. It's MANIC! Apparently week days are much quieter. 

And so that's it. Glad I managed to see something new this holiday. If you are interested to see some more photos of Dubai on here, you can have a look on my previous posts from last year that feature things like the souq, etc... Now it's time to leave my little holiday bubble and rejoin reality in London. Let's get this outfit post game on, 2016 is the one.!



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