The Bad Blogger: 6 Lessons Learned

Blogging Lessons

It's time to introduce something new! I've been blogging on and off for over two years now and have both loved and hated the experience, something I've spoken openly about in the past. Not too long ago, I shared a post calling myself a "bad blogger", highlighting the issues I've faced along my blogging journey. That post was really well received and got me wanting to do more Bad Blogger posts for a while. I finally have a bit more free time to dedicate to the blog so what better moment than now to introduce this new idea. 

Last time, it was all about venting my frustrations on blogging. This time, I'd like to turn those annoyances into something positive and share my tips, hacks and blogging stories so that as I learn, you do too. By no means do I have all the answers or even necessarily the right answers but perhaps some of my methods might make someone else's blogging experience a bit less confusing. 

So throughout this October, every Sunday I'll be sharing a new Bad Blogger post, featuring tips or advice on blogging, from the apps I use to the locations I shoot at. If there is any particular topics you'd like me to cover, comment below and I'll try to create some relevant content. For today, I'm just gonna ease into the Bad Blogger concept by highlighting the six general lessons I've learned about blogging over the last 2 years:


Just Because The Field Is Saturated Doesn't Mean There Isn't Room For You Too

Yes there are millions and millions of blogs out there but there's always space for one more. Plus, there is only one of you which already makes you and your blog unique. Remember that when you feel like giving up. 

Find Your Voice & Rhythm

Look at what makes you different and run with it. Decide on the style you want your blog to take and work out a good rhythm for yourself. Will you be posting once a week or 3 times a week? It helps you keep focused and allows your readers the ability to know what to expect from your blog, so they can keep coming back for more! 

Do Your Research But Be Yourself

It's important to look at what others are doing but don't get too bogged down comparing yourself to them. Scope the competition and source inspiration but always stay true to your style. You are unique and that in itself is your selling point, so simply let that shine through! 

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously And Remember To Have Some Fun

Blogging is hard work but should also be fun. There will be some days where motivation is low but remind yourself of the reasons you enjoy doing it and don't take it all so seriously. If you're having fun, your reader is more likely to as well. 

Self Promotion Isn't A Bad Thing

Don't be shy about pushing you and your blog out there. If you don't promote yourself, who will? Network both on and offline and let people know that your blog exists. Making yourself known can lead to many great things, including paid work, new friends and fun experiences. So get yourself out there! 

Know When To Shut Off

Blogging takes up a lot of mental space. Before you even touch a computer, there's a lot of planning involved in prepping blog posts, increasing social media following and promoting your personal "brand". Don't feel guilty about taking time away from blogging. It's important to refresh and allows you to return with a new and bright mindset.