A Puffer Jacket Throwback

Penfield Jacket

As the temperature keeps dropping on a minute by minute basis it seems, I am thanking my lucky stars that it’s finally considered fashionable to keep warm in winter! Hallelujah, about time! 

Last year, I remember being perplexed at how the crop fashion was still hanging around in the colder months. Cropped long sleeve tops, cropped jumpers and cropped jackets, all still charged at full price when there’s only half the material there and it’s effing freezing outside! It made no sense to me and I was having no part in it, thank you very much sir.

Catching pneumonia in the name of fashion really isn’t worth it and now clearly Vogue agrees. Puffer jackets are in, bare midriffs are out! I’ve never been happier. Being comfy and cosy is the way people. Or my way at least, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty ideal.  

Now perhaps my particular puffer jacket isn’t necessarily über trendy right now but I can promise you that it’s damn right toasty. It was a practical buy at the beginning of the year when my boyfriend and I had a weekend away in Copenhagen, where the cold is not a joke. We moan about our weather here but the Scandinavians must have ice in their blood because man was it frosty! So this Penfield down jacket was my lifesaver then and it’s still doing a pretty good job of keeping me alive and less grumpy as it gets colder now. 

To sum up, I’d like to take this moment to highlight that while it might have appeared like I was conducting a fashion faux pas at the beginning of the year with my “let’s stay warm regardless of how I look” outfit, I was in fact ahead of this autumn's fashion trend all along ;) xo



Penfield Jacket

H&M Dress

Dorothy Perkins Boots

ASOS Glasses


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