Belle Of The Ball

Bell Sleeves

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I left this post so late! The Bad Blogger strikes again! I've had a super busy day with lots of exciting things a-coming, all to be revealed in due time so thanks for bearing with me. Anyway, let's crack on with this outfit.


So, is it just me or are bell sleeve outfits the new "it" blogger fashion right now?


I've seen them on at least 10 bloggers (myself included) and that's just today! But not gonna lie, they are pretty dope. For someone who veers from trends, I think this one is gold! A casual piece that still manages to have attitude, with no more effort required than simply putting it on. We all need that kind of fashion in our lives. 

While I was all about the 70s last week and this top definitely has a certain 70s flair to it, the high neck/bell sleeves combo and darker colour, reflect a more baroque influence to me. For those who might not know, the word baroque is used to describe an artistic style of the 17th/18th Century, when a piece of the arts (music, painting, theatre and architecture) was thought to be over-the-top, abundant and excessive.

Translated into fashion, it focuses on exaggerated fabrics and designs, favouring grandiosity. Think velvet, jewel encrusting, satins and silks; very Alexander Mcqueen right? Or even Watch the Throne/Yeezy maybe. I kinda think that's what a lot of the current fashion is looking like this autumn: decadent and fierce.

So that's exactly what I was going for with this look. Romantic coloured clothing, clashing against harsh black accessories with exaggerated detailing, all made to stand out even more by wearing minimal makeup and unstyled hair. It's about the attitude with this outfit, while still being elegant. Plus the setting really helps reinstate my theme, don't you think?

Long story short, I really love this look. I felt so comfortable in it (stretch rib clothing is giving me life) while still making a statement. As a casual look, it's perhaps a tad more mature but still not overly dressed up. Throw a long coat over me and I'd be happy to rock this belle of the ball all around town ;).

So what do you think, are you seeing a baroque trend in current fashion as well?




H&M Top

Ivy Revel Skirt 

H&M Boots (similar)

Saint Laurent Bag


*Title from "Fierce" by Azealia Banks