The Bad Blogger: Location, Location, Location

Location Shoot Ideas

When it comes to planning an outfit shoot for the blog, there are a number of different stresses I face: what to wear, matching accessories, hair and makeup and then location. As a fashion blogger, having the right background to show off your outfit is almost as important as the outfit itself; at least for me it is. 

For others, this might not be the case. In order to achieve a cleaner theme, I’ve seen bloggers chose the same location spot for their shoots, keeping their backdrop the same all the time. So they might use a white wall,  grey stairs or even the same spot in their bedroom to take photos. And it works well for them. 

I generally like to use different backdrops for my photos, mixing up locations with each look. For me, it keeps things interesting and allows me to get creative with how I want my photos to be presented.

So I’ve decided to share some of the places I’ve used to shoot outfits throughout the year so far. It’s actually perfect timing because I got so many questions about the location of my last shoot and I have all the answers here for you today :) 



Back at the beginning of the year, I took these photos at the ruins of an old church in the City, destroyed during the WWII. It’s located halfway through London Bridge and Tower of London and has the most magical vibe to it. A must see, regardless of having a photoshoot.



A regular spot for blogger photos and tourists alike. With rows of colourful houses, it’s great way to brighten up your blog a touch.



The blogger’s mecca! Plenty of streets stocked with rows of white houses. Clean, crisp and glam.



Who says you need to go to all the way to Shoreditch to find the perfect graffiti wall? There’s plenty right in the heart of central London. 



I was actually inspired by another blogger to shoot here. Definitely makes for a more interesting and quirky backdrop. 



Again, inspired by another blogger for this one. I would never have thought to shoot here otherwise but I love how the photos came out. It almost looks like something out of NYC.



White walls inside, decadent pillars outside, I’m surprised more people don’t shoot here.


Hope this helps! 

Where are your favourite places to shoot? xo