Girl Boss Weekend

This weekend was a jammed packed #GirlBoss fest for me, whereby I attended the Stylist Live event on Friday and spent the whole of Saturday at the Future Girl Corp event. Across the two events, I got to meet Florence Adepoju of MDMFlow and Sharmadean Reid of Wah Nails, as well as hear female CEOs discuss the keys to success for business development and today I thought I'd share some of the key points I learned from both events.

These points can be viewed as general life lessons and how we should all approach the working world, whether you're looking to build your own business or would like to take your blog to the next level. I hope you take something away from it, as I did. Let's get 'em girls!


Y o u r  V I S I O N  s h o u l d  b e  A U D A C I O U S

There's a famous quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that says, "if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough". Whatever vision you have for yourself should be big and bold, authentic and purposeful as well as c l e a r  a n d  i m p a c t f u l . 

U s e  y o u r  V I S I O N  t o  b u i l d  y o u r  B R A N D 

Those that grow the fastest are brand led so it's important to create consistent branding that is built top down! This is your unique selling point. 

I f  y o u ' r e  f o r  E V E R Y O N E ,  y o u ' r e  f o r  N O - O N E

Figure out who your audience are and who they aren't. Create a tribe that focuses on maintaining valuable relationships

C o n f r o n t  y o u r  F A I L U R E S

Success is defined by being able to fail and learn. Don't let your failures knock you down. Instead use them to create your story. 

D o n ' t  b e  A F R A I D

... to ask questions and look to others for references. However, remember to listen to your gut as you know your "tribe" better than anyone else. Have the  s e l f  c o n f i d e n c e  to believe in yourself too. 



For those who love pinterest, I've summarised this post below as a photo available to pin :) 

Carelle - Girl Boss